São Paulo’s stars dominates Brazil u17 call up

The tricolor invested high on the /96 generation and the result already showed up: 5 players were called up to the National U17 for the South American Tournament

The coach Alexandre Gallo, who recently was nominated Brazil’s U17 manager and still getting used to his new job, kept the “on a rush work” for the South American U17 Championship and called 25 players. From this call, two will be cutted off before the team travels to Argentina.

Brazilian club with the biggest investment on the /96 generation, São Paulo was the team with more players called up. Two recent transfers are on the list: Foguete, former Vasco da Gama and Gabriel Boschilia, former Guarani.

And there are those who can say that Gallo was unfair with other São Paulo’s players, such as the defensive midfielders Robertinho and Matheus Queiroz, the attacker Joanderson, and other that, if were called for the national team, wouldn’t be a surprise.

What is an actual surprise is to see Thiago Mosquito being called up again. After two years with a big issue with his former club, Vasco da Gama, the offensive, who was with Atlético-PR since last year, was finally set free to play wherever he wants to.

Vasco was boycotting him, by not taking part in tournaments if the player was playing also and asking for CBF not to call him up for the National Team. To set the youngster free, his managers payed a 750 thousand reais fee to Vasco. Living a similar situation, the boycott Vasco said would do to Foguete, didn’t become an issue yet,

Although consistent with the latest lists, including Ávila´s U16 and Marquinhos Santos for the South American U15, there are some absences felt on Gallo’s list. One that can’t seem to be explained is Bruno Gomes, probably the best center-forward at his age.

Promised to Manchester United, the kid is a tremendous sensation on every tournament. He was the top scorer of last year’s Paulista U17 Championship, even being one year younger than the age limit. He is the first player to become top scorer of Paulista U15 and U17 consecutively.

Despite his amazing efforts in 2012, in 2013 he still deserving the chance. His debut with the U20 on the Copa São Paulo was great. He scored goals and assists and was the main player for Desportivo Brasil. Also, he scored six goals in two games at Copa Ouro U17.

As Robert, from Fluminense, Índio, from Vasco and Joanderson, from São Paulo, Manchester´s wonderkid seems to be unanimity for specialists, even players and coaches. He would be perfect for any brazilian team, including and mainly a team with a lot of young stars, such as São Paulo. But somehow, he still not enough for the National Team. If someone could just tell me why, that would be great.

Let’s see the list

Carlos – Red Bull Brasil

Thiago – Flamengo

Marcos – Fluminense


Abner – Coritiba

Matheus Oliveira – Internacional


Foguete – São Paulo

Jeferson – Ponte Preta


Lucas – São Paulo

Lincoln – Flamengo

Eduardo – Internacional

Leo Pereira – Atlético Paranaense

Leo Mendes – Internacional


Zé Augusto – Grêmio

Arthur – Grêmio

Gustavo – São Paulo


Danilo – Vasco

Ewandro – São Paulo

Boschilia – São Paulo

Robert – Fluminense

Indio – Vasco

CA and SA

Caio Rangel – Flamengo

Kennedy – Fluminense

Mosquito – Atlético Paranaense

Yan Petter – Internacional

Alisson – Internacional

This team is not much different from the one that won easily the South American U15 two years ago. By that time the main team was Vasco, with five players (same as São Paulo nowadays)

The problem for Vasco is that two of them went away, Mosquito to Atlético-PR and Foguete to São Paulo. And one said that had cheated on his documents and was actually five years older.

The star team of Tricolor has Lucão as a defender and the recent signed Foguete, as right back, although he actually attacks much more than his defend. They both are U15 South American champions of 2011.

Now they have also the attacking midfielder Boschilia, former Guarani. He comes with a lot of expectation, also because of his development with the “Canarinho” at the preparation. Despite that, he got benched by Robertinho at São Paulo.

Ewandro, called up as midfielder was actually making the attack with Joanderson. It’s a very talented kid, with a very good mid range shot and nice control of the ball. Too bad he is not always in the mood for playing. When he is, he’s usually the best on the field.

There is also the defensive midfielder Gustavo Hebling with reasonable passing skills, as you can see on other midfielders formed in São Paulo, such as Hernanes.

Some doubts still in the air about this list: Kennedy, Robert and Danilo were cutted of because of an injury less than a month ago. Are they 100% health to help the team already?

It’s to early to say who are the 11 chosen to start the games, but it’s hard to believe that Gallo would risk making much changes from the team which won the U15 South American. He doensn’t really have the time to do so.

Names such as Marcos, Lucão, Lincoln, Robert, Índio and Mosquito will probably be starters.


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