Surrounded by young stars, Coritiba’s left-back stands out on Brazil u17

Even with Brazil’s higher prospects, including Robert, Índio, Boschillia and Mosquito, the highlight of the South-American u17 is Abner, from Coritiba

On the Brazil’s u17 squad, São Paulo had five players called up, Internacional four and Fluminense three, but the best of the team in the South-American u17, so far, is the only player called from Coritiba, the left-back Abner.

The youngster is showing he is very experienced, even being only 16 (born on may 96). He surprises those who think Brazil’s young side-backs can’t defend very well. The debut against Chile? He was the best one on the field by far. Also he played a great part against Uruguay, when the result was a 1-1 draw.

He got what he deserved in the last game, Brazil 3 – 1 Bolívia. After São Paulo’s right back Auro’s cross, he did a great shot and scored one of the most amazing goals of the tournament.

The high prospect, in Coritiba since 2011, may be one of the main players of Seleção Brasileira. So far, Abner’s development is much better then his predecessors on the National team. We can include Diogo and Henrique Miranda, from São Paulo, on Brazil’s u20 and Émerson, from Santos, Brazil’s u17 left-back in the last South-American.

Of course, at Coritiba the expectations are high. Abner has been called up for National Teams ten times already and that definitely got the attention of many clubes. No one reveals it, even the player, but speculations shows that Manchester United, Internazionale, São Paulo and Internacional de Porto Alegre are only a few of the teams that were interested in the player.

Currently, Abner has a contract with Coritiba until 2015 and said many times he is not interested in leaving the team anytime soon. At the age of 16 he already took part in Copa São Paulo, an u20 Cup, the most important at this age level in Brazil. He showed that he doesn’t get intimidated by this kind of situation. He was the only player to score the penalty when Coritiba got eliminated of the competition.

Disputing a place in the starters with Dênis and Eltinho, wouldn’t be a surprise to see Abner having real chances with the main team in 2013.

Watch Abner’s amazing goal against Bolívia (is the last one in the video). Also he is the responsible for the play on Kenedy’s goal (the second one for Brazil).

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