Brazil u17 pays the price for its political issues

Brazil’s campaign in South American u17 is not quite as good as we expected, but there’s an explanation on the team called up by coach Alexandre Gallo

Much was expected from Brazil u17 in the south american tournament of its age level and there’s a reason for that. This is the most promising generation since the 91/92 that had Neymar, Casemiro, Wellington, Wellington Nem, Coutinho and others.

However what we have seen so far is a team that struggles to conclude its plays. To turn all its game volume in goals.

It is pretty clear that Brazil is way beyond others technically and creates a lot of opportunities to score, showing much efficience in many positions with Abner, Auro, Boschillia, but fails when it comes to put the ball on the net.

I’m not surprised to see this happen. That was my only critic on Alexandre Gallo’s list.

Brazil pays the price for not having called the actual bests at each position and in this case we are talking about the offense. Thiago Mosquito, despite with the credit of being the top scorer of u15 South American Championship, it’s not our best center forward.

The almost two years far from official tournaments made his development and condition a huge doubt for everyone.

And what we see now is a player that, despite still showing his qualities and have a physical advantage compared to other players at his age level, is not 100% when it comes to gameplay rhythm.

That costed Brazil an option inside the area. Mosquito didn’t played well as a reference, even doing a good pivot job while he could play. His partners can’t be the reference inside the area either.

It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t actually had a player like this that was not called up. I’m talking about Bruno Gomes, Desportivo Brasil’s offensive, that is promised to Manchester United.

Before Gallo called up the National Team, Bruno was in an amazing form. He was the top scorer of São Paulo State u17. Beyond that, even being 16, he played the Copa São Paulo, an u20 championship, the most important one in Brazil. His performance was pretty good, showing that he is way more ready to play than his competitors for Brazil’s number 9 jersey.

While Mosquito scored twice in the South American u17 and with a muscular injury maybe will not play anymore in this championship. Playing São Paulo State u17 for the second time, Bruno is again the top scorer with five goals in three games.

The only plausible, but unfair explanation, is that Bruno is not called up for political reasons. Too bad, the one losing the most with it it is Brazil.

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