After Manchester’s trial, young brazilian try a second chance at Boro

Young midfielder u21 was part of Manchester’s program at Desportivo Brasil and is trying a second chance at Middlesbrough

The young Rafael Leão, only 19, was one of the firsts to take part in Manchester’s program at Desportivo Brasil and try a chance at the Red Devils. It didn’t work out. Now, he is having a second chance at Middlesbrough.

The young midfielder, born in 1993, was part of Manchester’s partnership with Desportivo Brasil. Due to his european passport, got the chance to be one of the firsts to actually be a Red Devil.

After almost ten months with Manchester, the club decided not use the buy option and sent the player back to Desportivo in April 2012. Without chances on the project, Rafael left the club from Porto Feliz and cutted his ties with both, Desportivo and Manchester.

He got a chance at Ituano and, coincidence or not, the São Paulo’s countryside club also has a partnership with an english team. Because of the good relationship with Ituano’s presidente Juninho Paulista, Middlesbrough made an agreement with the brazilians.

Faith gave Rafael another chance to show his value at Queen’s Land. With him is also his partner of Ituano Marcos Rhoder, that play in the same age level. They are both training at Boro FC since february.

Despite the high hopes from players and families, Tony Mowbray tries to be as realistic as possible with this situation: “We wont get a new Neymar. If Ituano had so, it would probably go to Manchester. However every player will have the chance to impress”.

Rafael made his debut in March, on a friendly u21 match and Mowbray got pleased with what he saw.

If this time Rafael will stay in England? Only time will tell.



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