Former Cruzeiro, youngster monitored by Manchester sets deal with São Paulo

The young Aguilar, part of Manchester’s project in Brazil, is now set on a loan to São Paulo FC

As written in this blog a few weeks ago, São Paulo is interested in having Manchester’s monitored young stars in Brazil. After a some time negotiating, the Tricolor finally set a move for the center forward Aguilar.

The young prospect already took the medical exams and is set to sign with the club from Morumbi next week. He will be in the u20, with former partners in Desportivo and Manchester’s project Gladstony and Evangelista.

The deal is for a two year loan, with an extension option, where São Paulo would get more of the player’s economic rights. Almost the same terms fixed for Lucas Evangelista, who has been in great form at Tricolor.

It’s a new opportunity for the player, who had been put on the bench for Bruno Gomes, in Copa São Paulo and now has the chance to prove he stills a pretty good forward.

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