Manchester’s prospect in Brazil scores seven goals in a single game

Bruno Gomes, said to have a deal set with Manchester United, had a superb perform in Desportivo Brasil’s win against Sumaré, scoring seven goals and two assists

The youngster Bruno Gomes, who is said to have a deal to play for Manchester United when he turns 18, impressed everyone this weekend on São Paulo State u17. He was already leading the scorers list of the championship, but took a large step to win one more top scorer thophy scoring seven goals in a single game.

The superb act happened in Desportivo Brasil’s win 12 – 0 against Sumaré. Beyond the seven goals, Bruno also made two assists to confirm his amazing current form.

The record is just another one for the youngster, who is the first player to be São Paulo State u15 and u17 top scorer consecutively. And from what we have seen so far, he is on his way to get the following third. He also comes from a great perform on Copa São Paulo, the most important u20 championship in Brazil, even being only 17.

Part of Manchester’s partnership with Desportivo, he stands out as the most promising for the Red Devils and is very used to trips to Old Trafford.

Coach Alexandre Gallo, who couldn’t get the fifth consecutive South American title for Brazil this sunday, will have a hard time explaining why he picked Thiago Mosquito up, far from official tournaments for two years, due to a boycot promoted by Vasco because of his transfer to Atlético Paranaense, instead of calling Bruno Gomes.

For Manchester United the match showed more good things from its partnership with the Brazilian side. The midfielder Wellington Bueno, a.k.a Juninho, also said to be on the English club plans, contributed with four assists.

Watch the goals from Bruno:

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