The title didn’t come, it’s a lesson learned – Brazil finishes South-American u17 in third

The fifth consecutive title didn’t come, what can be considered as a failure for the generation seen as the most promising one in the latest years

The title that was so expected and so probable, didn’t come, as Brazil finished South-American u17 in third, after a 2 – 2 draw against Paraguay and has lost the chance to win the fifth consecutive title. Brazil had great and talented players to win, but didn’t have de most important thing: a project.

From this defeat with so much skilled youngsters, we actually have to learn the lesson. The Brazilian Confederation has to learn that a good word, a long term project, is necessary if you want to fly high on young soccer categories. Without that, it is hard to believe that we are not only screwing one of the best generations Brazil ever had.

The coach Alexandre Gallo, despite making his mistakes on the list to the South-American u17 is not the one to blame. It is not his fault that he had to make a on a rush work to the tournament. That he had no more than two months to make the transition from a professional team coach to a young level coach. In this same close time visit the clubs to get to know who are the bests players and how are they phisically.

Yes, he got that wrong when he called up Thiago Mosquito, almost two years away from official championships due to a Vasco, his former team, boycot, leaving out better names as Bruno Gomes, from Desportivo Brasil. He got that wrong with other players too, but it is not his fault and we can’t blame the players either.

It is a hundred percent Brazil’s Football Confederation fault. No one, other than the institution and its executives, can be blamed for the failure. Since Ney Franco left his job as young levels coordinator to train São Paulo’s professional team, the Confederation took too long to start doing something. To keep Ney’s job going on and left behind a generation that had everything to win every single tournament it decided to play.

And that was clear to see even in the South-American u17. If Brazil were in a better luck (or better at concluding to the goal) I would be now writing about the fifth consecutive title. We don’t have to chance much to it. If Kennedy, from Fluminense, scored the chance he had with the wide open goal against Paraguay, it would be a title winning goal.

He didn’t score and Brazil finished third, still qualifying to u17 World Cup. Let’s hope Brazil’s Confederation not to let its pride and laziness screw up talented youngsters.


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