Inspired by Rivaldo, Colombia’s prodigy is in most European clubs sight

Juan Quintero, playing at Pescara, was chosen the best player in South-American u20 and now is target for the greatest European teams that are already bidding for him

The youngster Juan Quintero is on the cover of many sports newspaper all over the world, even before making a name in a world class team. At only 20, he is standing out on Serie A, playing for italian side Pescara.

If many teams were already expecting much from the young colombian, after the South-American u20 title the hopes got really high.

He was decisive on bringing the trophy, that wasn’t won by Colombia since Falcão Garcia generation, in 2005. Scoring five goals, even being a midfielder, he was the top scorer of the national squad and the running up on the tournament’s scorers list. But goals can’t measure his contribution to the team.

On the field, Quintero says he inspires himself on Rivaldo, but with only 5’7” height it will be hard for him to use the same skills Rivaldo used when he was chosen Fifa World’s best player. Although, he has a lot of qualities to stand out as a world class playmaking.

It’s hard to get his 30 yard running to the goal, also he has a very good long and mid-range shot, is great on free kicks and being a small guy makes it easier for him with quick dribbling.

Inter and Udinese were the first ones to show interest, even before he joined Pescara, on loan from Atlético Nacional. According to Europeans newspapers, other clubs such as Porto, Atlético de Madrid, Juventus, Milan, Fiorentina and Manchester United also presented offers to the youngster.

Clubs interested in Quintero have already made bids over 17 million euros, according to inside information. Before the South-American u20, the prospect was evaluated in less than half of this value.

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