With a defender as top scorer, Coritiba wins Torneo de Gradisca, in Italy

With a stand out for the defender Fernando Dinis, Coritiba won the Torneo de Gradisca, in Italy without losing a single game

Coritiba is definitely decided to show up great performance in various age levels. After impressive presentations from left back Abner, on South-American u17, now time Coxa-Branca, as they are known here, won with amazing matches the Torneo Internacional de Gradisca.

It couldn’t count on its most promising left back, who was already selected for u20 National Squad by Alexandre Gallo, but another defender stood out to guarantee the title. Fernando Dinis scored three goals in the competition, ending up as Coritiba’s top scorer and also did other great moves on the offensive field, helping Coritiba to win a final that could have been written as a movie.

The young defender was decisive in many stages of the tournament. In the quarter finals, against Hella Verona, when Coritiba was behind in the score, he gave an assist to his partner Alisson tie the game. Later, he stole the ball on the defense, started a run to the attacking field, made a great 1-2 with Evandro and suffered the penalty, that converted by Julio Cezar, made the game 2 – 2.

In this match the goalkeeper Gabriel, later chosen as the best goalkeeper in the competition, made an impressive performance, allowing his opponents to score only one time.

The great final against Chivas was a movie game, probably a script made in Hollywood, mainly for Fernando Dinis. Coritiba was leading the score until the last minute, when Chivas took advantage of a lack of attention from Coritiba’s defenders and tied the game. There was tension until the last second of extra-time, when Dinis scored a header to crown his great performance and guarantee the title for the Brazilian side.



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