Former Manchester’s prospect, 18 years old midfielder earns a chance at São Paulo FC

One of the promising player in Manchester’s program at Desportivo, Lucas Evangelista got promoted to São Paulo’s professional team and is now training with the main group

At São Paulo’s training center the situation is not good at the moment. After the elimination on São Paulo State and Copa Libertadores things got really bad. Trying to find someone to blame the president pushed seven players away from the team, including the high prospects Henrique Miranda and Luiz Eduardo, only 20 years old and part of Brazil’s youth team.

This players will probably go on loan to get some experience, but the president couldn’t choose a worse time than now to say that, since the press and fans are trying to find someone to blame for the bad results.

While relegating some players, some were promoted from the youth levels and among them there is Lucas Evangelista, that was part of Manchester United’s project in Desportivo Brasil.

After being a very well used reserve in Copa São Paulo, the midfielder is definitely showing his skills to earn this chance with the main group.

Other three players were called to the professional team too: Diego Carlos, 20, defender that also came from Desportivo Brasil; Lucão, 17, also a defender and a unanimity in his age level, being National Team starter since 14 and Allan, 19, a defensive midfielder that had a great role in São Paulo’s MUPC u15 title in 2009.

Evangelista have been with São Paulo youth team since last september and getting a shot with the professionals in less than a year is definitely a great achievement for his career. In São Paulo there are many compliments for his tactical skills, intelligence on the field and mid range shot.

The other players are not well known by foreigners so I’ll try to be quick talking about what I do expect from them:

Diego Carlos is a 20 year old defender that have a lot of skills, people usually compare his style with former São Paulo Miranda, who is at Atlético de Madrid. Despite the fact that he can play in both sides, it’s more common to see him in the right side of the field.

Allan is a 19 year old defensive midfielder who got a little more known in Europe because of his performance on Manchester United Premier Cup 2009. Very skilled, he has a superb control of the ball and is often said that is one of the best in Cotia. On the other hand there are many complains, in São Paulo and Brazil’s u17 team (that he was part of) for his laziness. Not during the game, but while training.

Lucão is the youngest of them all, only 17 years old and is more like a “boss” on the field. He usually goes hard on every play, so it is common to see him saving a goal with lots of energy or doing a tough tackle. Sometimes it costs him a red card, but not as much as you would think when you talk about such a young defender. He have been with Brazil’s youth teams since age 14 and always as a starter.

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