Man U and Hertha Berlin’s target, “New Kaká” is set to move to Anderlecht

The youngster was on Manchester and Hertha’s sight, but after tournaments in Holland, he also impressed Anderlescht scouts and is set to move to Belgium

The midfielder Wellington Bueno, only 17, is just another one that we won’t see rising in Brazil. The youngster is prepared to move to Belgium, to play for Anderlecht.

Before signing with the Belgian side, he was on Manchester United and Hertha Berlin’s sight. English publications even gave him the nickname New or Next Kaká (depending on the journal). But Desportivo Brasil didn’t accept their offers.

That is possible because he was at Desportivo before Manchester’s interest, so Desportivo and Manchester would have to set a new deal for him to be integrated on Manchester’s program in Brazil. The one that already has Bruno Gomes.

With Anderlecht, Wellington, a.k.a Juninho, will be part of the professional team, but as he is only 17, they will have to wait until april 20 of 2014 to make the deal official, when he’ll finally be 18. Until then he will have three months regular visits to his new team.

His representative, Alexis Malavolta, confirmed that he is definitely signing with Anderlecht: “It’s the opportunity he always dreamed of, but he has his feet on the ground about it and can’t wait to play for Anderlecht”.

At his new team he will meet another Brazilian, who also played for a business-team and left for Anderlecht at 17: Fernando Canesin, who is 21 now and moved from Olé Brasil to Anderlecht in 2009.

On Andelercht’s plans to Juninho, beyond playing with the pros, he will also be part of the NextGen Series, the youth Champions League.

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