What’s wrong with Manchester’s program in Brazil?

The rumours that Bruno Gomes might leave the project to join São Paulo FC may raise a doubt to all of us: where is Manchester’s Brazilian project going?

Not so long ago there were plenty of news trying to figure out whom were Manchester’s five young prospects in Brazil. They found out Rafael Leão, Gladstony, Agnaldo, Aguilar and Lucas Evangelista. Later, Bruno Gomes and Patrick joined the group.

And now, almost three years after all these news started coming up, we have to ask: what happened with these youngsters? Why they haven’t become Man U players yet or at least are on loan, waiting for their chance with the Red Devils?

Seems like the project didn’t work out fine. Maybe is the much hype they give on the players here in Brazil when we get to know they are promised to Manchester, or even the expectations that theirselves and their coaches put on them.

Rafael Leão, the first one to be part of the group, spent only a few months in Manchester, then came back to Brazil to play for Ituano and now is having a chance at Boro FC.

Aguilar, Lucas Evangelista and Gladstony, that are almost in the same age group, are already with São Paulo FC. Evangelista is even playing for the first team and making impressive contributions, like this goal against Portuguesa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXrEzrzYD7g

Agnaldo is playing for Mold FK, claimed to be the new FC Twente of the project (the club where players stay until they receive a work permit for UK).

Patrick, the last one to join the program, is now playing for Fluminense youth levels. That said, if Bruno Gomes really leaves the project to join São Paulo (or any of the many clubs showing interest in him, such as Chelsea) then Manchester’s project in Brazil will really be the most useless foreign program ever made in soccer history, since none of the players actually played for Man U.

Looks like circumvent Fifa’s laws and deal with the players leaving almost no profit for the clubs is not worth at all and maybe that’s the difference between these players and Oscar, Piazon, Fábio, Rafael, Wallace and many others.

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