São Paulo wins Brazil’s u17 Cup

São Paulo beats Flamengo 3 – 1 to win the Brazil Cup u17. This might be a great mark in Brazil soccer history (but we are not sure yet).

This might be on soccer history pages in a few years, but we are not sure yet. São Paulo won Brazil Cup u17 beating Flamengo for 3 – 1 in the great final (5 – 1 if you consider home and away games).

More than that, São Paulo showed a strong team, with many young talents that definitely have proven that most coaches are right: Tricolor have many players that deserve a place with the blue and yellow of Brazil’s National Team.

In this final we can first stand out the offensive Ewandro, who is a decisive player when things get bad. He already made a great appearance in Paulista u15 finals, when São Paulo was runner up and now shows again how he can decide a hard game.

He also shows to everyone that the bad boy season, the one “I play when I want to” is definitely gone. He is now a much more professional player than he was a year ago.

Joanderson, the main player of the team (in my opinion) didn’t play the final match, but did enough to be te top scorer of the team with 9 goals. And we can expect much more from such a tall, strong and talented player. He combines his physical with a lot of talent.

Lucão, the most impressive defender in the category, reminds me of Breno. Only 17 and looks like he is alread ready to play for the professional team.

And why we may see this title on soccer history pages? Well, because this generation of players can easily be compared to the one born in 91/92. That generation revealed players such as Neymar, Oscar, Wellington Nem, Coutinho, Danilo, Alex Sandro, Lucas, Casemiro and Bernard (is it good enough for you?).

We are not sure if there is a new Neymar or new Oscar between these youngsters. But we are sure that, if he is there playing, even if not for São Paulo, the tricolor has a huge responsibility on developing him as an athlete.

Only three players from São Paulo u17 main squad have not been called to the National Team yet and that combined with the title, shows how important São Paulo is to this promising youngsters.

Watch for Brazil’s and specially São Paulo /96 players. This might be the next generation of soccer… and the next million euros European Clubs will spend on Brazil.



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