Former Arsenal interest, Brazil’s u20 defender goes to Vitoria

The 19 years old defender, who was playing in Palmeiras since his first amateur contract is now heading to Vitoria-BA for a chance to play in the main team

The young defender Luiz Gustavo, who has been on Arsenal’s sight since 2008 has setted a loan deal from Palmeiras to Vitoria-BA.

The 19 years old defender who was the captain of Brazil’s u16 team and one of the main players in the generation that won the Paulista u17 2011 for Palmeiras (The alviverde haven’t won a Paulista u17 in 34 years before that) is now going to the club from Bahia to have a chance in the main squad.

He made a pretty good defense with Marquinhos (PSG) in the National team and was a Ney Franco’s indication to Vitoria. Also,

In 2008, while playing for Mirassol, Luiz Gustavo caught the attention of Arsernal’s scouters and spent a time on a trial training with Arsene Wenger, but got back to Brazil and signed for Palmeiras.


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