All eyes on Paulista u17 this saturday

Bruno Gomes, 17-year-old scoring machine, will make a weird phenom happen: this saturday, scouters from the main clubs will be in Porto Feliz to watch Paulista u17

This saturday, at 10h45 (Brazilian Time), scouts from all over the world will pay attention to Desportivo Brasil x Red Bull Brasil, on a match elegible for the round of 16 of Paulista u17 2013. The match itself isn’t that attractive for supporters, but a player is getting all the attention: Bruno Gomes, 17-year-old goal machine from Desportivo.

With offers from various clubs all over the world, the youngster, who has been said its promised to Manchester United since he is 15, will take the world’s most important eyes (on football) to Porto Feliz.

Rumours says that scouts from Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Udinese, Roma and of course, Manchester United, where Bruno Gomes was on regular trials in the last three years, will pay atenttion to the hot prospect game. If that really happens, the Traffic Training Field will be filled with the world’s most important scouts.

The center forward already received official offers from many clubs in Europe, including Udinese and from clubs in Brazil as well, as São Paulo FC, which already took Lucas Evangelista, Aguilar and Gladstony out of Manchester’s program at Desportivo Brasil. For now, the Brazilian side seems to be the one who went further on negotiations for Gomes.

Not so long ago, Bruno’s future was clear to be going to Old Trafford when he turns 18, but the lack of proactivity from Manchester United have irritated his family. With his 18 birthday only a few months away, nothing concrete has happened about his situation with the Red Devils.

Via twitter, Paulo Conceição, Bruno’s father, have said: “These guys had three years and did nothing, now it is my fault?”, about an article from @pitacodogrindo saying that he was pushing it to get a lucrative deal. “We have always waited for United, but they lost the time. We are sick of waiting and now, life goes on for everyone, including United. Everytime a different thing”.

All these interest and even insatisfaction from the youngster family has a reason. Seems like this young boy can’t stop scoring goals and breaking records. In 2012, only 16, he was the first player to be consecutively top scorer of Paulista U15 and U17, breaking the u17 record with 27 goals. This year he is once again the top scorer of Paulista u17, and have already broke his own record, scoring 28 goals in only 22 rounds of the tournament.

If he turns out to be the champion once again, Bruno may play at least another six games, more than enough to make this record even harder to beat.

With all these breaking records stuff, it is weird that nothing concrete was made by Man United so far, as, for example, Chelsea did for Piazon, taking him at only 17 to play for the blues.

This saturday the best scouts in the world will be at Porto Feliz and, even if not right at that moment, Bruno Gomes future may be decided by this hour and a half he will spend on the field.


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2 Responses to All eyes on Paulista u17 this saturday

  1. Gabriel Fuhrmann says:

    Fala Jon, I understand, will change it now, Tks

  2. Jon says:

    Fala Gabriel
    my piece on Bruno Gomes did not say, or even imply, that his father ‘could be the problem in the negotiations’ – it said ‘he was pushing to get a lucrative deal’ – that’s not a criticism and it’s a long way from saying his father is an obstacle to any deal.

    PS it’s ‘scout’ not ‘scouters’

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