Linked to Arsenal, Matheus Índio sues Vasco to leave the club

Índio, who was on trial at Arsenal is suing Vasco because of some unfulfilled agreements on his contract. He is the third of Vasco´s most promising generation to do so

One of the most promising youngsters in Brazil, the midfielder Matheus Índio may leave Vasco in the next couple of days. Well known as a promising number 10 in Brazil’s u17 squad, the player is suing the club because of unpaid wages and a prize for contratct signing agreed in May 2012, that wasn’t paid either,

Matheus was linked to Arsenal and earlier this year spent a trial period at the London side. This may be the reason he is now showing his insatisfaction with the Carioca Club. If he terminate the contract with Vasco on court, he may sign with any club he wants to.

He is the third player from Vasco’s most promising generation to sue the club. In 2011 Vasco had five players on Brazil’s main squad, that easily won the South-American u15, only a few years later, Matheus was the only one left and looks like he will not last for too long at São Januário.

Thiago Mosquito, top scorer of the tournament didn’t even sign professionaly for Vasco and moved to Atlético Paranaense. The right back Foguete sued the club and is now at São Paulo. Also, the defensive midfielder Baiano revealed that he was in fact five years older and was moved to his respective age level. More recently, the midfielder Danilo was sold to Braga for 4.5 million euros (Liverpool offered 3.5 million for this player).

The bad thing for Vasco is that Danilo’s transaction and others, such as defender Dedé, from Brazil’s National Squad who moved to Cruzeiro, were said to be done to fulfill unpaid salaries and prizes, but even after that this problem still not resolved.

In Matheus Índio situation Vasco presented counterchecks to prove that the wages are actually late, but no longer than three months, so the player can’t unilaterally terminate the contract on court becaus of that. Also, the prize they had to pay in May 2012 is being renegotiated with Índio’s family and representatives, but hopes are low for Vasco since the situation isn’t much different from Foguete’s, who left the club last year.

When Índio got back from Arsenal’s trial he said he had a dream of playing in Europe, but wanted to wait for a chance at Vasco’s professional team. Truth to be told, this chance will not happen in 2013, as revealed by Vasco’s staff and this have upset the player.

Índio is with the National Squad for the u17 World Cup and have not spoken on the situation, but the hints says that a move to Arsenal or any other club, including São Paulo FC, who already took Foguete in the same way, might happen in a near future.


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