Gallo announces his surprising starting XI for Brazil u17

The coach Alexandre Gallo has announced the starting XI for Brazil’s in the World Cup u17 and shows many surprises on his list

In a certain way, Alexandre Gallo revealed his starting XI for Brazil’s u17 by announcing the official jersey numbers for the players this thursday.

1 – Marcos (Fluminense)

2 – Auro (São Paulo)

3 – Lucas (São Paulo) [c]

4 – Eduardo (Inter)

5 – Danilo (Braga-POR)

6 – Abner (Coritiba)

7 – Caio Rangel (Flamengo)

8 – Gustavo Hebling (São Paulo)

9 – Mosquito (Atlético-PR)

10 – Nathan (Atlético-PR)

11 – Gabriel Boschillia (São Paulo)

12 – Thiago (Flamengo)

13 – Jeferson (Ponte Preta)

14 – Léo Mendes (Inter)

15 – Léo Pereira (Atlético-PR)

16 – Thiago Maia (Santos)

17 – Índio (Vasco)

18 – Gabriel Barbosa (Santos)

19 – Joanderson (São Paulo)

20 – Kenedy (Fluminense)

21 – Gabriel Bubniack (Coritiba)

According to the official numbers, the team must be: Marcos; Auro, Lucão (c). Eduardo and Abner; Danilo, Gustavo Hebling, Nathan and Boschillia; Caio Rangel and Thiago Mosquito.

In a lot of ways Alexandre Gallo surprises everyone with this team. But the most impressive is the number 10, Nathan, from Atlético-PR. It is only his second call up and he already gained the trust of the coach, and also the position that has belonged to Matheus Índio since the u15 generation. That can be explained due to the bad form Índio showed at Vasco in recent presentations, but the player is clearly unmotivated at the club and that is probably why he is suing Vasco to terminate his contract.

But choosing Nathan puts Gallo and the player in a lot of pressure. Specially in a team where so many could fill this place. One of them could be Gabigol, from Santos, who is already playing for the professional team and is the only one in the team that scored a goal in professional leagues. Caio Rangel, who was amazing at Brazil Cup u17 and Boschillia, even being more incisive than the others, could do so too.

Kenedy’s absence is also felt, but is explained by his injury. He still recovering from a pubis problem. The question is: with so many talented forwards, did Gallo need to call up an injured one? If he was 100%, Kenedy should be a starter, no doubt, but he isn’t. So why Gallo didn’t call Bruno Gomes, Ewandro, Alisson and so many other eligible and pretty good forwards of this generation?

Another point that bothers me is Thiago Mosquito. With so many good forwards, why do Gallo keep calling one who is highly suspected to be in fact older than his documents says? There are many people talking about this since his u15 phenomenon, in the South American of 2011, when he ended up top scorer with impressive, but suspicious, 12 goals in 7 games.

There got to be a reason why Gallo still choosing a clearly stronger physically stronger player rather than Bruno Gomes, who can’t stop scoring goals and breaking records. Or even the talented Ewandro, from São Paulo.

And this is a point my friend @dasslermarques puts very well in his site. All Gallo’s players are from the first semester of 1996 (some of them might be from another year, if you know what I mean) with the exception of Gabriel Barbosa, from 30th of august, Thaigo Maia anda Gabriel from 1997. But in the professional Brazil’s squad 13 are born in the second semester.

The choice of Gallo for stronger and older players has a motivation: win the title at any cost rather than form young talents. His preference for stronger players is explicit, such as Thiago Mosquito and Danilo and even Thiago Maia, who is from 1997, but is very strong and mature.

As Dassler puts very well in his text, the most felt absence on the call up, Robert Gonçalves, from Fluminense, is from the second semester and this might not be a coincidence.

Well, we all know the National Team is pretty strong and might win the World Cup. If this players will be in a pro World Cup still a huge doubt if we are not missing a Thiago Silva, a Paulinho, Luiz Gustavo or Dante.

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