Intrigues between scouts may have taken Bruno Gomes from Manchester

A game of intrigues between Manchester’s scouts in South America and Europe is one of the reasons Bruno Gomes may no longer join Manchester United when he turns 18

This might be well known for everyone, but the lack of interest shown by Manchester on signing youth superstar Bruno Gomes may be one of the main reasons the youngster decided to take a look at other offers, beside Man United one and this story goes even further.

Almost defined to join São Paulo next season, the young forward, who broke all sorts of records in Brazil’s youth levels, may be a victim of intrigues involving Manchester’s scouts in Europe and John Calvert-Toulmin, Manchester’s scout in South America.

In July, the Red Devils signed Guillermo Varela, right-back from Uruguay u20 National Team and former Peñarol player. He was the first signing of Moyes era at Old Trafford. What is curious about this, is that despite the player was in John Calvert cover area, the scouts from Europe were the ones to indicate the youngster.

A similar situation happened in one of Desportivo’s trips to tournaments in Holland. That time, scouts were sent from Manchester United to watch Bruno Gomes, but ended up intersted in the defender Douglas Henrique, who is not even a starter for Desportivo Brasil’s u17.

The scouts started spreading that it was weird that John hasn’t seen this kid in more than a year of Douglas at Desportivo, but once again, he is not even starter for Desportivo Brasil’s u17 team.

This game of intrigues have putted Bruno Gomes in second plan for Manchester. Contesting South American-based scouts job, since Alex Ferguson retired, the Red Devils seem to have deprecated Bruno for other players, watched by Europe-based crew.

The cost of this for Manchester may be high. After Bruno clear demonstrations of insatisfaction, many clubs decided to put offers in, such as Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, Barcelona, Roma, Udinese and São Paulo FC, which seems to be the one who went further on negotiations.



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