Preview: Brazil to face Slovakia in 17 World Cup debut

Get to know a little more about this duel between Brazil and Slovakia in the U17 World Cup first round, to happen october 17, at 10 am, GMT+3

This thursday, one of Brazil’s most promising generaton of players will begin their road to reach Brazil’s fourth title in the World Cupa u17 and will face a false newbie: Slovakia, playing for the first time since 1993, when it became an independent nation.

The individual talents of Brazil’s squad scare the Slovak team. Slovakia main player, Jakub Hromada, said in an interview how much this game is anticipated for them.

“The match I’m more anxious about is against Brazil. It’s a life dream for me to face them”, said Hromada.  “I believe their game is similar to Uruguay, which we have beaten in the preseason. But he individual talents of Brazil look way better then Uruguay ones”.

Jakub Hrumada, injured, didn’t play the Euro u17 and it is the main strengthening for this u17 World Cup.  Key player for Slovakia, the midfielder is a superstar of Juventus (ITA). A tipycal number 10, Hrumada likes to go back a little in the field to have a clear place to start the play, abusing of mid and long range passes.

Youth superstar in Juventus, even being only 17, he is very participative on Uefa Euro u19 and he is not the only Juventus player for Slovakia. Also there’s the defender Attila Varga.

A lot of times compared to Sampdoria’s legend Pietro Vierchowod, this youngster is a sensation. With 1,90m, he is very dangerous with his header beside his capacity to stop great forwards. He was decisve in Euro U17, scoring after a corner to put Slovakia one goal behind Switzerland, when they were losing by two in the first half. Later, Matin Slaninka tied the game and guaranteed the point.

Who alsos plays in Italy is Parma youngster Lukás Haraslín, who plays with the number 17 because he likes to. It’s the same number he used to wear in his former team, Slovan Bratislava. Very fast and with a good mid and short range shot, he is one of the key players for the Slovaks.

For Brazil, the whole team impress a lot, but the starting 11 is not yet decided by Gallo, depite he have gave hints that he will not make many changes from what the numbers tell us: Marcos, Auro, Lucão (c), Eduardo, Abner; Gustavo, Danilo, Nathan, Boschillia, Caio Rangel and Mosquito.

He may put Gabriel Barbosa, who scored the goal in Brazil friendly against Croatia, replacing Nathan. Also, Kenedy is still injured and has almost zero chances to play in the debut.

The main player for this starting 11 would be Caio Rangel, who has developed very well since in the latest years. From only a good dribbling player, to a very versatile forward. Also Boschillia has being in amazing form since he moved from Guarani to São Paulo. His large steps and good mid range shor can make the difference.

But I wouldn’t put Gabriel Barbosa in the bench. The only one to score a goal for the professionals, the Santos player is the youngest between those born in 1996 (Thiago Maia and Gabriel Bubniak are from 1997).

Brazil mught have to worry about a few players and the defensive force of Slovakia, who plays in two lines of four and explore a lot of the counter-attacks.

Tha game will take place at Abu Dhabi, thursday, 10 am Brazilian time.


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