Gallo’s choice goes right and Brazil’s humiliates Slovakia on u17 World Cup

The coach Alexandre Gallo gave Brazil’s number 10 jersey to Nathan. Contested by fans and journalists, he proved his choice was right from the beginning

One of Brazil’s most promising generations of players began its road to World Cup u17 fourth title pretty well, with a 6 – 1 win against Slovakia in a great performance from Nathan and Mosquito, Atlético-PR players. Watch the highlights.

The coach Alexandre Gallo was suspended, because of a red card received in South American u17 final stage. From the bleachers he saw his choices proving themselves in no more than a half of the game.

Even being contested by journalists and fans, Gallo chose to give number 10 jersey for National Team debutant, Nathan, from Atlético-PR. Many asked him to give this number for Gabriel Barbosa or Matheus Índio, but he putted both in the bench for his bet and looks like his was right all the time.

With his Atlético-PR partner, Thiago Mosquito, the young midfielder was able to decide the game in only 45 minutes. The teams changed sides with Brazil winning by 3 – 0, and all the goals had the participation of Mosquito and Nathan.

With only 17 minutes, Nathan made a great play and centered for Mosquito, who only had to give a soft touch to beat the goalkeeper. Then, Nathan received a good pass and was going to dribble the keeper, but suffered the penalty. Mosquito shot and scored.

In the last moment of the first hald, it was time for Mosquito to payback the gifts received by Nathan. He gave a great pass for the number 10. In the entrance of the area Nathan shot and scored 3 – 0.

Slovakia’s team was apathetic, a lot behing the perfomances they have shown on Euro u17. Jakub Hromada, from Juventus and Lukás Haraslín, from Parma, didn’t do a thing against goalkeeper Marcos.

Coming back for the seconf half, Brazil changed Gustavo, who have received a yellow card, for Thiago Maia, but the game didn’t change a thing.

With only six minutes into the second half, Nathan scored again, after a great cross from the left back Abner, who plays for Atlético-PR rival, Coritiba. Then, at 11 minutes, it was time for Caio Rangel, from Flamengo, receive in the corner of the area and give a great shot to score an amazing goal.

At 25 minutes finally Slovakia did something. Haraslín did a great play on and centered for Hromada, his shot was defended by Marcos, but Dennis Vavro got the rebound to score. Mosquito, then, wanted to show that the difference between the teams was huge and only three minutes later received the pass from Boschillia and gave final numbers to the match.

Match report

Brazil: Marcos, Auro,  Lucas (c), Eduardo and Abner; Danilo (Kenedy), Gustavo (Thiago Maia), Nathan (Índio) and Boschillia; Caio Rangel and Mosquito;

Slovakia: Junas, Kupec, Vavro (Chvaal), Varga and Kadlec; Lucas Cmelik (Gric), Nicolás Spalek, Jakub Hromada and Lukás Haralín; Tomás Vestenicky (Miroslav Kacer) and Filip Lesniak.

Goals: 1st half: Mosquito (17′ and 30′), Nathan (45) for Brasil – 2nd half: Nathan (5′), Caio Rangel (11′) and Mosquito (25′) for Brazil – Vavro (22′) for Slovakia.

Yellow Cards: Boschillia and Gustavo for Brasil. Varga, Haraslín and Kupec for Slovakia

Red Card: None

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