Brazil gives another superb show at Abu Dhabi, humiliates home team and advances on World Cup u17

The Seleção had no problem beating home owner United Arab Emirates with an great performance from Boschillia, São Paulo’s player and a little show from Gabigol

Brazil’s u17 team had another calm day this weekend. After beating Slovakia by 6 – 1, the Seleção could guarantee anticipated qualification to the seond stage, by winning the home team UAE. They had no problem repeating the same score they did against the Slovaks, with a superb performance by youngster Gabriel Boschillia, who scored twice and gave two assists.

In the first half Boschillia received a great pass from Nathan, and inside the area didn’t have to do much to open the score, at 9 minutes. In the 33rd minute, was time for Gustavo Hebling do a great play and pass to Boschillia, who did a nice curve shot to put the ball away from the keeper and score 2 – 0 for Brasil.

At the 41st minute, Boschillia did a great assist for Nathan, who avoided the defender, dribbled the goalkeeper and scored his third goal in the tournament.

In the second half Alexandre Gallo made two subtitutions with 20 minutes into time: Caio Rangel for Joanderson and Danilo for Gabigol, attending to many supporters wishes. And Gabigol, from Santos, didn’t need much time to show why he is the most anticipated by fans: only one minute later he did a great assist for Nathan, whu just scored by a little tap over the keeper.

Who also enjoyied Gabigol skills was Joanderson, who made a great pivot job over the defender, after an assist from the Santos’ player and did a great shot, at his best style, which he also shows a lot at São Paulo.

Already with 40 minutes into the second half, it was time for Gabigol to put that cherry in the top of the cake for his debut in World Cups: he received an amazing assist from Boschillia and scored Brazil’ sixth goal. In the last minute, after Brazil’s defence lack of attention, the home team score its only goal, but the game was decided.

Watch the goals clicking here

Brazil: Marcos, Auro, Lucão, Eduardo and Abner; Danilo (Gabigol), Gustavo Hebling, Nathan and Boschillia; Caio Rangel (Joanderson) and Mosquito (Kenedy)

Cards: Brazil – None

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