With a show from players forgotten by Gallo, São Paulo and Santos tie in Paulista u17

São Paulo and Santos did, probably, the most amazing match of São Paulo State u17 in 2013, with a great performance by players forgotten by Gallo for the World Cup

São Paulo and Santos confronted each other for São Paulo State u17 quarterfinals 1st leg game. With a superb performance by players forgotten by Alexandre Gallo for the age level World Cup, the San-São ended in an eight-goals-draw.

São Paulo had at least five defalcations: Lucão, Boschillia, Auro, Joanderson and Gustavo Hebling are with the National Team for the World Cup, in Abu Dhabi and doing a great job so far.

Joanderson was, until this weekend, São Paulo’s top scorer in the competition. Until this weekend because, forgotten by Gallo, Ewandro played, scored a hat-trick and has now 14 goals in Paulista u17, against 13 of its mate Joanderson. The other São Paulo’s goal was scored by Matheus Queiroz.

For Santos, Thiago Maia, also with the National u17, was the defalcation. Gabigol was called up too, but as this player is already with the professionals, doesn’t count as an u17. With the absence of Thiago Maia, gave a chance for another defensive midfielder to show up: Fernando, who also scored three goals. The other goal was scored by the sideback Diogo.

With the three goals scored this weekend, Fernando is now Santos’ top scorer of the competition, with 11. This much of goals from a defensive midfielder has a good explanation. In earlier age categories, even in Futsal, Fernando used to be a forward, so his shooting skills are pretty good, making him a lethal weapon coming from the back, as a surprise.

Despite the draw, the game was amazing, and could dipute as one of the best of the year, but São Paulo was ahead of Santos’ almost the entire match. The tricolor opened 2 – 0, but Santos got back in the game. Then São Paulo made it 3 – 2 and 4 – 3, but in the last minute, with a controversial penalty, Santos tied the game, giving the match a final result.

The /96 generations of São Paulo and Santos seems destined to make amazing matches. In Paulista u15 of 2011, they both confronted each other in the semifinals. With the rivalry on its highest level, Santos won its home game by 2 – 1, but then in the second leg, São Paulo did a histroical performance, winning the game for 6 – 0, with four goals by Joanderson.

The second leg will be next week, at Santos’ training center.


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