[Diego Costa] Who is in fact ungrateful?

This week, the Brazilian forward Diego Costa decided he wouldn’t accept Brazil’s National call up, instead he will join the title-holders Spain in the 2014 World Cup.

In disapproval to the athlete’s decision the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) called him “Persona Non Grata”, also known as ungrateful. But to have an opinion about this point we need to check who should be thankful first.

Diego Costa was born in the state of Sergipe, in a little town called Lagarto, in 1988. Since then 25 years have passed and CBF did nothing to develop the sport in that region. Since 1988, nothing was done so talents like Diego Costa, wouldn’t have to leave the state to begin their soccer careers.

Arriving at São Paulo, to play for Barcelona de Ibiúna, Diego found out the poor conditions of Brazil’s football youth levels. Tournaments with bad structure and lack of opportunities. But Diego was luck enough to be found by an European scout at the age of 15 and did what every Brazilian player should do: didn’t think twice to move to Sporting, from Portugal.

In Europe he found the opportunities he was looking for. He found a good structure for the athletes, even if they didn’t reach professional level yet. He found a chance to study, good medical equipment and life quality. He played for many clubs before reaching his succes at Atlético de Madrid. Since Diego moved out from Brazil, almost ten years have passed and CBF didn’t do a thing for him and even less for Sergipe.

The nothing CBF did for Diego and Sergipe (which is a very poor state in Brazil) the Confederation did also for many other regions of the country. The eyes of CBF are glued to the big clubs and the professional soccer, but they can’t even attend to this small crew needs, since the profit from friendly matches is way more important for them.

What did CBF do that Diego Costa should be so thankful of?

Never worked to give opportunities, not only for Diego, but to many young talents, who would like to have a chance to begin their careers in football. Never tried any form of structuring youth levels, to give chances to kids to study, play soccer and have the adequate assistance in a soccer career, elevating the chances of a good player to appear in the countryside of a big state as São Paulo or of a smaller one as Sergipe.

The recent declarations of CBF’s directors are not putting hopes high at all. In any chance they have, they try to exempt the Confederation of its responsabilities with the sport in Brazil.

CBF is nothing but a company that has as an objective earn a lot of profits with talents like Diego Costa, selling friendlies of the Seleção, giving nothing in return to the developement of football. If CBF worked FOR football, maybe players like Diego Costa wouldn’t have to move to Portugal, at the age of 15, to have dignity as a young soccer player.

Directors from CBF, in a petty and irritated way, said that not only Diego would never be called up again, but they would do anything for him not to play for Spain either.

There’s a point in this. Fifa need to have control of this situations, or we will get very close to see the field football becoming very close to the indoor, where Europeans “National” Teams have an entire squad with Brazilian players. However, Felipão’s comments look very hypocrite. When he was coaching Portugal it was ok to call up Deco, who is Brazilian and played for Corinthians, but now it’s not anymore. Even him, decided not to coach Brazil to keep his job with Portugal. Hypocrite.

But to say that Diego Costa is ungrateful with the CBF is a different thing. If someone has to say thank you, this is the CBF. They should thank Brazilian’s talent to play football, that made the National Team 5-time-world-champion and the most expensive cache for a friendly match off all time. That made sponsorships one of the biggest and most valuable contracts in the world. CBF drains everything from Brazilian players and give nothing back to the country.

Diego Costa will not defend Seleção, but you can’t be ungrateful with a one way only business, where players put their talents, supporters put their passion and CBF takes the profit, giving nothing in return.



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