Manchester’s target, Bruno Gomes is very close to Internacional

The young prospect Bruno Gomes, well known for being monitored by Manchester United since he is 15, is very close to reach an agreement with Internacional

The youth level’s superstar Bruno Gomes will probably frustrate many European clubs dreams. Monitored by Manchester since he was an u15 and target for Barcelona. Atlético de Madrid, Udinese and many other big European teams, he is very close to reach an agreement with Brazilian, Rio Grande do Sul side, Internacional.

Not so long ago, Bruno was also close to finish the deal with São Paulo, but seems like the Colorados are now far ahead in the dispute for the player. The signing may happen in a few days.

Bruno is well known in Brazil for breaking all sorts of records in youth levels. He is the only player ever to be paulista u15 and u17 top scorer consecutively. Also, he is the first player in history, to conquer the top scorer prize three times in a row in São Paulo State Youth Levels.

Deprecated by Alexandre Gallo in World Cup u17, looks like Bruno’s managers and family took this time to go further on the negotiations for Bruno’s future and are close to reach an agreement with Internacional’s project.

Inter is very famous for giving chances for its young players in State Championship (which São Paulo does not) and usually take the tournament with reserves, u23 and u20 players. Bruno may be one of them, since he will not be able to play the Copa São Paulo u19 for the Colorado anymore.


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