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Today I’ll start a new series on this blog. I actually had one very similar in portuguese named Fique de olho, something like Keep An Eye. Now I’ll try to write and update one in english and the name will be BHP: Brazilian Hot Prospect.

The first one to appear in this series of articles is Gabriel Bochilia, a young midfielder from São Paulo FC.

Name: Gabriel Boschilia
Birth date: 5th of march, 1996
Height: 5′.6” or 1,72 meters
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Preferred Foot: Left
Youth Clubs: Guarani and São Paulo
Senior Clubs: São Paulo
National Team: Brazil u17, u20 and u21
Titles: Brazil’s u17 Cup, Future Cup u17 Brazilian Stage (São Paulo) Panda Cup and Cotif International Tournament (Brazil u20)

Grandson of former referee Dulcídio Wanderley Boschilia, who died in 1998 and also nephew of current referee Bruno Boschilia, Gabriel Boschilia was considered one of the most promising players in Guarani, a small team from Campinas, a São Paulo State countryside city. He easily got the attention of world’s major clubs before he was even allowed to drink or drive.

He stood out on Paulista u15 of 2011. Guarani wasn’t a top contender at all and only made it to the second stage of the competition, but Boschilia was able to score impressive 11 goals in 18 games. Two of them were from amazing free kicks.

Guarani was once a great countryside force in São Paulo State, winning Brazilian Championship in 1978 and being a runner up in 1986. Also, was Guarani Youth Level responsible for players such as Amoroso, Luizão, Careca, Neto, Evair and Elano.

However, things didn’t come out well for the team, who is currently with high debts to pay. And this might be the major reason why they couldn’t keep Boschilia with them for a little longer.

In november of 2012 São Paulo bought Boschilia from Guarani for only 600 thousand reais. Something like 250 thousand dollars and that might be the time where Boschilia got the attention of everyone.

With Guarani not getting any further on youth level competitions and with not much media, even with Boschilia training with the professionals, no media source actually took any note on him.

A great attacking midfielder, with an impressive mid-range shot and good free kick skills, he was quickly called up for Brazil’s youth levels, after his move to São Paulo. Firstly, of course, he impressed at Tricolor.

His first tournament for São Paulo was the Future Cup and he did very well. São Paulo was the unbeaten champion, while Boschilia scored two goals in four games, including the final’s winning score in the 1 – 0 victory against Flamengo.

Along with many other players from São Paulo, Boschilia was called up for South American u17. Brazil finished in third place, while Boschilia scored twice in the competition.

São Paulo’s u17 starteam was a delight to watch. Ewandro, Boschilia, Auro, Queiróz, Hebling and Joanderson shown amazing performances at Brazil’s u17 Cup. Even though Ewandro was the best player, Boschilia did a great job, making major contributions for his team mate award and also scoring four goals and again, one in the final against Flamengo. This time, in two games, São Paulo beat Flamengo 2 – 0 and 3 – 1.

Called up for the U17 World Cup, was time for Boschilia to be the main star on the field. Brazil was eliminated in quarterfinals by then runner-up Mexico after 12 penalties shootout, in a match where Boschilia was a clear felt absence.

Everybody talked about Nathan and Mosquito, Atletico-PR players partnership, but after the first match, all spotlights were at Boschilia. He scored six of Brazil 15 goals, ending up as runner up in top scorers list.

Back to São Paulo, Boschilia took part in Copa São Paulo u20, even being only 17 and turned out to be, alongside with Ewandro, the major player for the team. With a younger squad, São Paulo wasn’t enough to beat a strong Atlético-MG.

His playing style is agressive. He is definitely an attacking midfielder. Even being left-footed, he is great playing on the right side, usually making a move to his left foot and taking a mid range shot. Also, he is a very good free kick taker and is skillful enough to risk some dribbling.

However, until now, Boschilia has failed to impress at a professional level. He is not even close to showing the same performance he did at youth levels. Muricy Ramalho has gave some chances to him, but also has charged a lot on his defensive skills, which is a weak point on his game.

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