BHP: Paulinho, the new Lucas Moura

Name: Paulo Henrique Pereira da Silva
Birth date: 26th of june, 1998
Height: 5′.6” or 1,73 meters
Position: Striker/Winger/SAT
Preferred Foot: Right
Youth Clubs: São Paulo
Senior Clubs: None
National Team: None

São Paulo is definitely not well known by forming great players in terms of speed and dribble. Despite Lucas Moura and Denilson have began their careers at the Tricolor, it is visible that São Paulo has a preference for players with better passing skills, like Hernanes, Piazon and Oscar.

Paulinho em jogo pelo São Paulo

Paulinho em jogo pelo São Paulo

That said, São Paulo has on its u17 team a great exception. At the age of 17, Paulinho is already one of the good promises rising at Cotia’s training center, where São Paulo keeps its youth squads.

The young forward started at PVM, a social project from Brasília, his hometown, but somehow his life has always been linked to São Paulo. Since 2010 he was doing trials at Tricolor twice a year, until december 2012, when his family couldn’t afford the trip and he ended up excluded from the trials.

His opportunity at São Paulo, however, was not over yet. In January of 2013, PVM went to São Paulo to play the Dom Bosco tournament and São Paulo scouts were paying attention to Paulinho’s every single move. He impressed, taking his team to the semifinals and earned his spot at one of the biggest clubs in Brazil.

Newcomer to the club, Paulinho didn’t have many chances in u15 level. São Paulo was runner up of São Paulo State Championship and won Brazil’s u15 Cup, but Paulinho wasn’t a big part of it.

Paulinho com a camisa do São Paulo

Paulinho com a camisa do São Paulo

Only in the u17 team the young forward was finally given a chance to impress and he did at the very beginning of the season. In Alkass International Cup he was São Paulo’s top scorer, with 5 goals in 5 matches, as the Tricolor was runner up after facing teams like Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Milan and Atlético de Madrid.

In fact, São Paulo finished the tournament unbeaten, with great wins over all of them, but lost the final in the penalties for PSG.

“It was amazing to play the Alkass, they have a different view of youth soccer in Europe”, said the player in interview to this website. “They always try to make a four-player line on defense and I guess that’s why I did so well in the tournament, with this formation it is harder to handle fast players like me”.

São Paulo’s u17 team has a great technic and like to keep ball possession, with players like Augusto Cézar, Guilherme Bissoli and Igor Liziero, that have great passing skills and can control the game rhythm very well. Paulinho being so different from the other players is the best way to try new and faster plays.

Beyond Paulinho, he is also known as Bóinha, a nickname made by his uncle when he was just a kid.

“Actually it is not Bóinha, the original nickname is Boim. My uncle started calling me that in reference to those bulls they use in rodeos, because I was an angry boy”, said Paulinho. “When I arrived at São Paulo, the other kids started calling me Bóinha instead of Boim and that’s how I ended up being called that”.

With speed, good dribbling and finishing skills, Paulinho, Boim or Bóinha, as you rather call him, is definitely a player to keep an eye on and will probably make it to São Paulo first team in three or four years.

*sorry for my bad english

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