Fluminense shows its strenght and wins Copa Rio u17 (get to know Brazil’s promising players)

Even playing without its most promising youngsters, Fluminense showed some new values and won the Copa Rio U17

Even with the defalcation of five players, Fluminense showed up it is pretty strong in all age levels and won the Copa Rio u17.

Okay, no one thought that this year Copa Rio would be the best of the championships. From the biggest São Paulo State teams, only Palmeiras took part in the tournament. Also, the South American u17 took many players from some teams, and that includes Fluminense as well.

The impressive midfielder Robert, considered one of the best at his age level in the world, Kenedy, who had a big role on winning the Al Kass International for Flu and the goalkeeper Marcos, are with the National u17. Beyond this three very important fellows, Fluminense couldn’t count on Walney, playing the Dallas Cup u19 and Gabriel Monteiro, punished for lack of discipline.

That said, Fluminense had no other option but give a chance to younger players, at only 16. Despite the Copa Rio is for players born in /96, what could the Tricolor Carioca do but try its players born in /97?

Well, they give it a try and it worked very well. Most of it because of the midfielder Gérson, who is with Fluminense for a long time.

He was the most impressive one on the field. Left-footed and very skillfull, he was amazing with his ball control, quick dribbles, perfect at marking, crossing, passing. What could a coach want more from its midfielder? He was wearing number 11, but definitely playing like a 10.

Although the dispute in the National u17 is very strong, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Gérson having a chance with the older players for the World Cup u17.

Other names deserve a mention too: the fans got worried about the goalkeeper, since Marcos, the first option, is with the National Team, but Lucas Fritz showed, during Copa Rio, that there’s no need to worry. He played a crucial role, including a huge part on the penalty shootout on the great final against Internacional. Lucas is born in /96.

Going back to the /97 generation, we have to talk about the forward Paulinho. His impressive speed and good shooting were decisive. Even being one year younger than the age limit for the tournament, he scored five goals and ended up as Fluminense’s top scorer. We got to keep an eye at him for sure.

Also born in /97, Patrick showed that his soccer still the same that caught Manchester’s attention a few years ago. He was one of Desportivo’s players taking part on Manchester’s project at Porto Feliz, but left for Fluminense creating a huge buzz on Desportivo Brasil. Later, the situation got circumvented with compensation in cash from the Tricolor Carioca to the Traffic team.

He scored three goals in the competition and presented a good ball control, dribbling and speed. With Bruno Gomes, he was considered one of the best at Manchester’s Brazilian project.

Long story short, after winning the Al Kass u17, winning the Copa Rio and having good results also on other age levels, as u20 and u15, the future looks promising at Laranjeiras (Fluminense’s training field).

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